Michael R. Evans


michael evans

Michael R. Evans


Phone: (479) 575-3179

Fax: (479) 575-8619

Email: mrevans@uark.edu

Department of Horticulture
316 Plant Sciences Building
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701


Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
M.S. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
B.S. Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

Courses Taught

HORT4703 and 4701L: Greenhouse Management and Controlled Environment Horticulture and Laboratory

HORT4803 and 4801L: Greenhouse Crops Production and Laboratory

Distance Education courses offered through the ACCEPtS Program.

Research Emphasis:

Conducts research on greenhouse and controlled environment food crop production specializing in fresh leafy greens (e.g. lettuce, dandelion, argula, etc.), herbs and small fruits such as strawberry and blackberry. 

General Areas of Interest:

Greenhouse food crop production specializing in fresh leafy greens, herbs and small fruits such as strawberry and blackberry.

Major Accomplishments:

Development of shallow aggregate bed system for the production of fresh leafy greens in greenhouses. This system was shown to be superior to and easier to operate then DFT and NFT systems and allows growers using ebb-and-flood benches to easily convert the benches from being used to grow ornamental potted plants to being used for the production of leafy greens.
Development of production protocol for the production of greenhouse- grown strawberry and blackberry in temperate climates.
Development of optimal substrate and fertilizer protocol for the rapid production of lettuce transplants for greenhouse hydroponic production.

Recent Selected Publications

Shoulders, C. W., Evans, M. R., Lolley, M. C., & Currey, C. J. (In press). A description of national horticulture curriculum for greenhouse food crop production. Accepted and In Press in the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Journal (NACTA)

Conneway, R., S. Vertlinden, A.K. Koeser, M.R. Evans, R. Schnelle, V. Anderson and J.R. Stewart. 2015. Use of alternative containers for long-and short-term greenhouse crop production. HortTechnology 25:26-34.

Evans, M.R., A.K. Koeser, G. Bi, S. Nambuthiri, R. Geneve, K. Jacobsen, S.T. Lovell and J.R. Stewert. 2015. Impact of biocontainers with and without shuttle trays on water use in the production of containerized ornamental greenhouse crop. HortTechnology 25:35-41.

Evans, M.R. 2014. Efficacy of ground rice hulls as a substrate component for greenhouse crops production using overhead and ebb-and-flood irrigation systems. ActaHorticulturae 1034:241-247

A. Bassan, P. Sambo, G. Zanin and M.R. Evans. 2014. Rice hull-based substrates amended with anaerobic digested residues for tomato transplant production. ActaHorticulturae 1018:573-581.

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