Doug Karcher

Doug Karcher

dr karcher


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  • Ph.D. Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
  • M.S. Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
  • B.S. The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Courses Taught

HORT1103: Plant in the Home Environment

HORT3403: Turfgrass Management

HORT4913: Rootzone Management for Golf and Sports Turf

HORT4932: Turf Best Management Practices

Research Emphasis:

Initiated a turfgrass research program to improve the functional and aesthetic quality of turfgrass through the refinement of cultural practices, especially those pertaining to soil management.

  • Reducing the irrigation requirements of putting green and home lawn turf.
  • Wetting agent effects on surface characteristics of putting green turf.
  • Alternative establishment methods for sand-capped sites.
  • Effects of ethylene inhibition on the summer stress tolerance of creeping bentgrass.
  • Mowing height and frequency and rolling frequency effects on putting green speed and turf quality.
  • Screening turfgrass species, cultivars, and management practices for gains in drought tolerance.
  • Wetting agent effects on soil moisture distribution throughout sand-based turf rootzones.
  • Optimal management practices for sports turf overseeded with meadow fescue or tetraploid perennial ryegrass.
  • Putting green cultivation practices to minimize organic matter accumulation near the surface creeping bentgrass putting green rootzones.
  • Digital image analysis to quantify turfgrass characteristics.
  • Digital image analysis to quantify nitrogen and water status of turf.
  • Fertilizer and PGR timing effects on creeping bentgrass recovery from cultivation on putting greens.
  • Using cultivar / species selection and fertilizer programming to decrease collar encroachment into putting greens.
  • Assessment of localized dry spot severity in Arkansas.
  • Organic matter dynamics affected by cultivation practices on a sand-based putting green.
  • Effect of soil moisture controlled irrigation on summer stress decline of creeping bentgrass.

Recent Selected Publications

Anderson, J. D., F. Rimi, M. D. Richardson, S. Macolino, and D. E. Karcher. 2014. Kentucky bluegrass response to establishment methods and cultural practices in a sand-based system and native soil. Agron. J. 106(2):p. 351-358.

Johnson, D. M., D. W. Edgar, D. E. Karcher, M. D. Richardson, and J. H. McCalla. 2014. Effect of petroleum diesel and biodiesel spills on turfgrass. Appl. Turfgrass Sci. 11(1):p. 1-8.

Richardson, M.D., J.T. Brosnan, and D.E. Karcher. 2014. Turfgrass winterkill observations from the transition zone. Applied Turfgrass Science DOI 10.2134/ATS-2014-0049-BR.


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