Vibha Srivastava

vibha srivastava

Vibha Srivastava


Phone: (479) 575-4872

Fax: (479) 575-7465


Department of Horticulture
316 Plant Sciences Building
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701


Ph.D. Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
M.S. G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, India
B.S. Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI), Agra, India

Courses Taught

CSES5233: Plant Genetic Engineering

Research Emphasis:

I. Biotechnology:

Our laboratory is developing DNA recombination (Cre-lox and FLP-FRT) based strategies for precise integrations of the foreign gene into crop genomes using rice as a model. The majority of genetically modified plants produced by conventional techniques are not suitable for long-term propagation because they frequently undergo gene silencing. The position and the complexity of the gene integration locus are the major factors that contribute to the silencing phenomenon. Therefore, to prevent gene silencing, it is important to control the location and the pattern of the integration of the foreign gene.

II. Molecular Genetics

We isolated an epiallele of Arabidopsis Phytochrome A gene, phyA', that is highly stable in the absence of transgene locus. Northern analysis suggests that this epi-allele is expressed at about 30% that of the wild-type level and contains CG hypermethylation in exon 1. There is no other modification found in the epiallele. We are using forward genetics approach to study the mechanism underlying phyA' expression.

Recent Selected Publications

Rangani G, Underwood JL, and Srivastava V (2015) Chromatin analysis of an Arabidopsis Phytochrome A allele reveals the correlation of transcriptional repression with recalcitrance to histone acetylation. Plant Grow. Regul. 75:179-186.

Nguyen LD, Underwood JL, Nandy S, Akbudak MA, and Srivastava V (2014) Strong activity of FLPe recombinase in rice plants does not correlate with the transmission of the recombined locus to the progeny. Plant Biotech. Rep. 8 (6): 455-462


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