What is Horticulture?

We Love Plants!

Horticulture is the science, art and business of growing fruits, vegetables, turfgrass, and ornamental plants. Some of us choose Horticulture as a profession but everyone has horticultural experiences on a daily basis.  From that cup of coffee they have with breakfast, to the flowers they admire on their walk to class, to the lawn they sit on while studying in the afternoon sun, to the fruits and vegetables they eat every day, all of those are all horticultural experiences and without them our world just wouldn’t be the same. That is why we need you. We need Horticulturalists and we are ready to help you on your journey to becoming one.  The goal of the Department of Horticulture is to serve the people of Arkansas and assist the nation and the world through education, research and service. You can learn more about the horticulture from the video below from Seed Your Future. 

Ready to  join us? Please visit our Prospective Students page to find all the information you will need to get started on your career in horticulture.