Horticulture Faculty

Margaret Leigh Worthington

Margaret Leigh Worthington

Assistant Professor

(DREX)-Director Experiment Station


Phone: 479-575-2122

Fax: 479.575.8619

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Dr. Worthington's primary research interest is the development of improved peach, nectarine, and muscadine grape cultivars. She also leads research on fruit genetics and molecular breeding and is especially interested in answering questions that lead to the development of molecular tools and modern breeding methods which will accelerate genetic gain and strengthen applied cultivar development programs. 

HORT5043: Advanced Plant Breeding

HORT4103/5103:  Fruit Production Science

HORT 501V: Plant Breeding Methods

Ph.D., Crop Science, North Carolina State University

M.S., Horticulture and Agronomy & International Agricultural Development, University of California, Davis                              

B.S., Environmental Sciences, Duke University


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